Negro Seuss


I wanna make a career by spitting bars on stages

Abusing graphite on every page I’m filled with rage

Cuz all I wanna do is mix and match similes deliver em brilliantly and quite simp-ily become the greatest in his-tor-y

But I don’t wanna leave empty lyrics I wanna leave an impact

Knowledge is power so you better think fast

Before you regret yo decisions and lose sight of yo mission  (real facts)

So imma stay educating the black youth, dark skin Barrack so , I’m back like a dopamine addict to crack

The devil tryna stop me through various distractions in every direction

Time to decide between needs and wants I’m at the intersection

Everyone got problems they too afraid to mention

I’m 16 and certain, that experience is the best way to learn a lesson

I not saying I’m perfect, cuz I got many flaws, like a criminal facing a verdict, who broke many laws

As a matter of fact, I’m money driven to the max, and I hate tax almost as much as racist cops who favorite hobby is to shoot blacks

So I’m going to enjoy every breath, living life without regrets, because for every second that passes I, you, we, come closer to an inevitable death






The following art piece is intended to help you, the reader to come one step closer to comprehending some of the most frequent thoughts and feelings that often get lost in the maze. In my mind. I talk about a dream of making a career, by showcasing my lyrical abilities to an audience. Educating people like M.E (melanin enhanced) , ranting about the racism, as well discrimination everybody faces daily, the most prominent example being the various crimes that are happening all over the world. While making it clear that I am still human, and make many mistakes just like everybody else. I hope this art piece helps you begin to understand that everyone has their own struggle, each unique, but similar at the same time. All we can do is take life one step at a time, and relish every moment. For life is like a play, no pause, no rewind, just action, thus we can only guess when the curtains close.