Birds are singing, flowers are blooming, on days like these, kids like me, are bored as shit. I sat there staring at the blank sheet of paper and started to imagine the possibilities. A polar bear in a snowstorm, naw too cliche, that line has been overused for decades. Perhaps I could write down my goals and struggles down like the grown-ups do, then boom epiphany. Fifteen years old me felt inspired to try and make it easy for any individual to visualize, and picture what it feels like to be me. In order to make this work, I had to journey into my mind once more, welcome. Welcome to my shoes.


I was in the midst of a mist, zero visibility, I wish the sun would give me a kiss, but I don’t mean it literally, but instead, I got hit with a fist, and mini-me immediately knew it was reality trying to get a hold of me.


I knew I couldn’t return until the mission was accomplished. So I stood up addressed my fears, my goals, and focused on the mission. The mist lifted, my mind was clear the sun was back, I had returned to reality, then the jotting began.


I wanna go down In history as irreplaceable

A young black nigga who made it to the top that’s undebatable  

As a matter of fact, I want my own statue
so I can go down in history as the most ambitious black dude
Haters are like oh shit that’s rude I sneezed ”achooo” I’m allergic to bull shit (that’s true)
But I know I couldn’t achieve this without my damn crew
all the walls and obstacles we had to break through
None of u ignorant chumps  could take three steps in our shoes
So if I’m the one to accumulate mills, to pay the bills Batman revenue, Imma name a street after us, so you, me and the kids can see just how great they can be. Melanin Avenue

Call me crazy but, soon they gonna give worn-out labels and we’ll be the melanin enhanced and no longer be able to attend dance and in attendance, I’ll say that M.E but I mean melanin enhanced maybe it’s just better to get kicked out of class, maybe I should just chill step back relax but…

I used to think that whoever worked the hardest would make it the furthest but it more like

Whoever works the smartest gonna make it the furthest or it might be pure luck and life just retarded


This is a story about how I began writing poetry/rap due to the absence of entertainment. Do not let the sudden setting change confuse you, as I tried my best to make it clear that it is sunny in reality but cloudy in my mind. I talk about my goals my fear of segregation of the melanin enhanced and my ideology on how to make it far in life. I hope you understood and appreciated this anecdote.



Naw – slang for No

imma- I am going to